Cares Route by bike


On many occasions we feel like changing and doing various hiking routes by bike. If our idea is to make the Route of the Cares in bicycle , we do not have any other that to forget us, since it is prohibited as well they indicate us the posters at the beginning of the route.

Its prohibition is conditioned by several reasons, in high season there is a lot of hikers and it would be unfeasible. Now we think, because I do it in low season, because neither, since there are sections of the road that pass through tunnels, some quite low and narrow . In some areas the trail is quite narrow and there are loose stones that can make you slide and on the other side there is a precipice of several meters.

If you still want to jump the ban it is important to know that if you have an accident or some kind of problem in which the emergency teams have to intervene for your rescue, it will be up to you to pay the large sum of all the means deployed and the rescue itself. This already happened in 2013, which is something that is likely to happen no matter how careful you are.

Anyway if it is possible to take part of the route by bike, it would be from Posada de Valdeón to Caín , although part of it is done by road and is not too recommendable.

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