Hiking with children along the Cares Route


Trekking with children is very rewarding for both parents and children, but you have to be responsible, make simple routes and do not involve risks. The Cares Route is appropriate for children, but it is necessary to be consistent and it is preferable that children are at least 8 or 9 years old. With children under that age, their steps should be watched very carefully, since in any carelessness they can stumble and the precipice is very pronounced. Given that the width of the path is very narrow, you must always be attentive and with children sometimes complicated. Therefore, it is not advisable to go with children who are too young.

The Cares route, although long and several kilometers long (15 km Caín-Poncebos, 20 km Posada de Valdeón-Poncebos), is not characterized by great difficulty, as the path is usually flat with some stretch of slope not very steep. But the situation, in the middle of the mountain gorge, without any kind of protection, makes it more dangerous.

If you still want to do this route with children, it is important to choose the most appropriate time of year and bring plenty of supplies and water. Footwear should be comfortable and suitable for mountain hiking. The high mountain climate is very variable and although at the beginning of the route the sun shines, it is likely that on the other side of the mountain range it is raining or it is colder, therefore it is necessary to wear suitable clothing for any situation. Walking with children is slow so it is preferable to start the route early to have the most hours of sunlight.

If you intend to do the route with backpacks porteo, you must be very cautious because it is many hours and there are several areas of unevenness, especially if you want to start from Poncebos, as soon after the beginning there is a strong climb. The weight of the rucksack with the baby will increase fatigue and attention span, so it is not recommended at all. The path is not compatible with a baby carriage.

To finish, the Cares Route is impressive, children are well received but with many precautions for both them and for adults. Before starting decide how many kilometers you would be willing to do, consult all the ways to go, either by car or with an organized excursion and be prepared to enjoy this experience with your children.

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