Route of the Cares with dogs


Dog trekking is very widespread, because there is no better companion for a walk than a dog. In the Cares Route it is allowed to go with a dog, but with conditions since we are in a National Park, therefore the dog will have to go with a leash during the whole trip. In high season there is a lot of people with which, the loose dog can cause an accident or fall, which can even be fatal. Therefore it is highly recommended not to skip this condition and always carry it tied and controlled.

In the journey by car to the beginning of the route is important to know, especially if the dog suffers from dizziness in the car, that the road that leads from Posada de Valdeón to Caín has quite a number of curves. The road to Poncebos is less winding.

Before starting the route we must take into account the terrain, the distance and the physical form and capacity of our dog . The route from Caín to Poncebos or vice versa consists of 12 kilometres and 24 kilometres if we want to retrace the route and finish where we started. The way is simple, without many unevennesses, removing the approximately 3 kilometers of ascent that there is nothing else to leave Poncebos.

The path runs through a precipice of several meters and is quite narrow in different areas, also pass through caves and tunnels. If our dog is used to long walks and mountain areas, it may tolerate the walk well. During the route there is no access to water fountains or troughs, so you should carry water to avoid dehydration of the dog, good and ours.

As the terrain is very stony it is not superfluous to carry a small first-aid kit in case there is any cut, damage to the legs or pads or any unforeseen event that may happen. Once the tour is over it is important to check the condition of the dog, if it carries any unwanted parasite or any spine or spike.

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